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Rose Medicare Patna


Rose Medicare Pvt. Ltd. over the years has been Instrumental in showing new pathways in the field of Quality Laboratory Practice & has the distinction of achieving Quality Bench Marks.

     The various Multinational & National Level Principals, which it handles today speaks for its success, from its Customer‘s & User ‘s Stand Point.

     A house where  Professionals are involved, one needs to experiences the Length, Width & Depth of its Product’s Line.

                     “Come & Experiences The Feeling Of Being A Part Of Rose Medicare Pvt. Ltd.”

Our  Vision :  Committed to Quality & Commitment at All Levels of Functioning in the Insert of Patient Care.

Our Mission

  • Clarity of Expression.

  • Commitment to Quality .

  • Efficient & Effective Customer Relationship Management to Promote Strong Associate Bonding.

  • Philosophy of Partners-In-Progress.

  • Involved in Total Quality Management by Objectives, for Achiving Greater Levels of Vertical Success.

About us: About Us
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